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Who likes Digimon?

I sure like Digimon.

This week we have some brand spanking new information regarding the upcoming Vita game, Digimon World: Next Order. Last time, we got a good look at the male protagonist Takuto, but this week it has been revealed that players can also select a female MC named Shiki. New character Kouta Hirose is also introduced: he’s a third year who goes to the same school as the MC.

According to the hard to read Japanese, the Digimon’s various animations will change dramatically based on how they feel.


Summon Night 6: Lost Borders for the Vita/PS4 has been announced.

That’s right. Summon Night continues to be a franchise that is not dead. Banzai!

Your female MC is named Amu, and your male MC is named Rahju (romanization sucks). Amu’s partner is named Kiruto. Rahju’s is named Pacchi. The game takes place in a new world called Filjah or something like that. 

The game is currently scheduled for a 2016 release courtesy of Bandai Namco. 

I’m excited.

A variety of random sketches from Atsushi Nishigori’s new art collection, Telegenic!. Some of this stuff is from existing properties, but most of it is just random stuff from Nishigori’s mind.

All the better.

There’s lots more coming.

Marvelous announced some time ago that there would be a collaboration between Senran Kagura Estival Versus and Dead or Alive, and now we’re seeing the fruits of that collab on the SK side.

Here’s your first video look of Ayane in Estival Versus, wiping the floor with a whole lot of ninjas.

It’s exactly what you’d expect. 

NIS has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Vita horror game, Yomawari. For those who have forgotten, that’s the one where you play as a little girl searching for her big sister and her dog in town, surrounded by monsters and ghosts and all kinda of awfulness.

I want this so bad.

An assortment of illustrations from Atsushi Nishigori’s new art book, Telegenic!. 

A little but of Diebuster, some original stuff, a little bit of Gurren Lagann, a dash of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and even a bit of This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.

More coming later!

I love Guilty Gear Xrd.

I’m terrible at it, but I adore everything about the game.

And now I have one more reason to get hyped about the upcoming update, Revelator.

Jam is back.

Watch the video above (it starts with the brand new arcade opening) and get hyped that everyone’s favorite kungfu girl is joining the battle. 

Well look at that!

More Atsushi Nishigori illustrations from his brand new art book, Telegenic!

This time around is a series of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann illustrations and sketches from various magazines, books, CDs, and DVDs. Much more coming later!

Been a while since the last image dump!

Before I left Japan, I managed to sneak some time in to purchase Telegenic!, Atsushi Nishigori’s brand new Animation Works collection. It’s a treasure trove of art, storyboards, key frames, character design sketches etc. I grabbed it in store for 2,778 yen, and I encourage anybody who digs Nishigori’s killer style to pick up a copy for themselves from their favorite importer. I won’t be posting everything (there’s too much), but I will be making a few image dump posts with some of the rad stuff in the book to give folks a taste of what they can expect.

This particular post is devoted to some of Nishigori’s The Idolmaster illustrations, pretty much all from phase 2, if I’m not mistaken! 

More coming later.

I remain forever confused by how the Neptunia series continues to grow and branch out despite having consistent but fairly middling numbers in Japan. 

Still, I gotta hand it to Compile Heart. The series lasted a helluva lot longer than I anticipated.

The above video is the opening cinematic for the Vita game Blanc + Neptunia VS The Zombie Army. It’s an action game not entirely unlike Neptunia U before it, but with zombies and more weirdness.

Plus the opening track is called “Be My Zombie.” I can’t hate that.