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Doki Doki Kusoge deals in all things Japanese culture, be it video games, anime, music, or film. You can find the latest info translated from Japanese rags, reviews, previews, and other weird features.

Despite its namesake (kusoge means shit game), DDK does not deal exclusively in garbage video games. Its founder just has a masochistic tendency to subject himself to them. This means we cover all kinds of new and old Japanese games, and we believe that there’s something out there for everybody.

There are lots of games out there that never get localized, never get covered, never get mentioned. That’s not necessarily a fault of modern games media: there’s a lot out there to talk about! That’s why we do our best to cover weekly Famitsu game news and bring the newest stuff straight to you. We also review films, TV animation, and all sorts of other goodies from Japan. Come one, come all!

So who runs Doki Doki Kusoge? Glad you asked!

My name is Elliot Gay, and I’m a 27 year old freelance writer. What are my talents?

  • I’m fluent in Japanese.
  • I have a background in both Film Criticism and Creation.
  • I did stuntwork and action choreography for five years (wat).
  • I’m bad at playing video games.

I spent the last five years of my life teaching English in Japan, but now I’m back in the States. In addition to Doki Doki Kusoge, you can find my work on US Gamer, and also G4@Syfygames. Like I said, I get around quite a bit.

While I do a whole ton of news and feature writing, I also do translation work as well. Any inquiries about translation work can be sent to this address.

If you have any questions about Doki Doki Kusoge, business related or otherwise feel free to ask! You can also find me on Twitter, where I’m always open to chatting with folks.